SEO Tips: shoot Keyword Use Image

Did my friend that blog’s SEO Tools save a lot of secret code that can not be seen by naked eyes, one of which is the image I red mark below

It seems that I circled above picture was mediocre, but save a lot of strength in attracting visitors from search engines such as Google + and more. then why I put the picture above? because the search engine robots to access a blog or a website from left to right and from the top certainly continue downward.

By default + Google and other search engines are not assigned to see a picture. Google’s robots will not immediately see a picture posted in plain or with no name or description. so if my friend read the Google Webmaster guidelines + there included to optimize your blog with the image ALT tag attached.

And according to Google + Partners, ALT tags on an image that is neatly arranged will facilitate Google when determining the location-location article index, so the blog in which there is the image ALT tags can be found easily on google image search.

Although it looks trivial but this image ALT installation should not be overlooked. as evidenced by the ALT tag put on an image on a blog, is able to optimize and boost the acquisition of traffic to a blog from search engines.

In essence, put ALT tag on a picture blog will facilitate the search engine robots to index it so that when a search engine tracking, the image will also be terayapi and legible. and of course this will lead visitors to stop by to your blog.

And if the code image ALT paired at home, which is where the home is the foundation of a blog, the whole page or blog page was also positively affected the image of keywords ALT mounted as shown above. different if the code is written in a post.

So from now on, attach each image on your blog with ALT code, whatever the picture, attach with relevant keywords or related to your blog. if my friend wants to know what the code is behind the image that I circled in red above, one of which is as follows:

Blog Dofollow

I put the above code in the widget html / javascript available in the layout - add gadgets - html / javascript code that I put a red mark is to be read by search engine robots, while the title is the code that will appear when the mouse is directed there. when the code img alt = “Blog Dofollow” above my post at home then all the posts in this blog will be sprayed keyword “Blog Dofollow” because the code I planted in the home, not in a post only. Hope it is useful.

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